Our Promise

We promise to offer disabled children and young people exciting and challenging activities, which support and extend their development.

We promise to provide a rich stimulating environment full of contexts for socialising, play, exploration and freedom out with the chid / young persons home/school, where they can relax, create, investigate, explore, initiate and persist with activities they enjoy in a fun, caring environment.

We promise to promote and celebrate equality and diversity, which we believe is fundamental to the wellbeing of our children, their families / care providers and the wider community. Without doubt, diversity is a wonderful thing, enriching the minds and experience of our children and young people and the culture of our Clubs.

We promise to ensure that our children and young people feel valued and supported. Children who feel valued and supported are more likely to be optimistic and learn well, and we recognise that family, home, culture, gender, language, ethnicity and ability are important to all our children and young people in developing their sense of self.

We promise to promote the Social Model of disability. The term ‘disabled children/young people’ is used, consistent with this model. The Clubs strive to provide recreational facilities and activities to overcome barriers which prevent disabled children / young people and their family / care groups from gaining equal access to participation in a range of play opportunities to:

  • Improve the child / young persons access to play through choice and opportunity
  • Develop confidence and self esteem
  • Encourage independence and promote interdependence
  • Engage children / young people in shaping the future of the Clubs
  • Respects the needs of children / young people, families and care providers