Blair Hughes and his team Win £3000 For the club!


The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an international initiative designed to support young people in developing community awareness.  In Scotland, the Wood Family Trust is the Principle Funder & Operational Manager.

Last November, all S3 pupils at Hutchesons' Grammer School took part in the initiative.  This involved pupils choosing a charity then researching and presenting why their charity is most deserving of a £3000 Grant.  There were 32 entries across the year. From this 6 were shortlisted for the finals to present their proposal to a panel of 6 judges which included the rector, teachers and the head boy and girl from the school.  The initiative focuses on the presentation, work and effort from the pupils rather than the needs or worthiness of the charity.

Blair Hughes, whose sister Abigail attends the club, Callum Gow, Eve Keirs, Rachael Highet and Alicia Brooks all selected The Saturday Cafe as their chosen charity.  The group came along to the Saturday cafe one weekend and filmed the facilities as well as the children having fun. They also filmed one Tuesday evening at Ozzies.  They also managed to get Rachel McTavish to provide the professional voice-over.  Interviews with staff, carers, parents and children/ teenagers supported the message of the film and won the judges recognition for the team in the efforts they had gone to in portraying the Saturday cafe as an organisation who will benefit from the fund.

I'm sure you will want to join us in thanking Blair, Callum, Eve, Rachael and Alicia for choosing The Saturday Cafe and for all the hard work and effort they put into the initiative!

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