About the Saturday Café

The Saturday Café Clubs main purpose is to provide short break recreation activities which promote social integration, health and wellbeing; make a positive impact on the lives of and safeguard the rights of disabled children and young people and assist in identifying individual strategies to overcome barriers to social inclusion facing these children and young people, their family / care groups. Each young person is supported and encouraged by creating opportunities to integrate, play and develop in an environment of respect and promotion of positive behaviours. The Clubs operate over three (3) sessions, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evening. Each Club provides hours of activities designed to make a positive impact on the lives of our children / young people.

A secondary, but equally important purpose is to provide short breaks from caring for the families and care groups of the children / young people attending the Clubs to enable families / care providers to engage in other activities with confidence that their child / young person is in a positive, safe and fun environment.

The Clubs operate out of the Community Halls at Cathcart Old Parish Church and our  Registered Charity number is SC046501

We are proud of our approach to learning and development for our staff and volunteers and we understand that staff play a vital role in supporting our children and young people to become confident, active citizens.